Best Weight Loss Exercises: 6 Abdominal Flat Belly exercises

Losing weight and shedding of pounds is quiet achievable for most of us if we follow a proper diets and work out routines. In this article, we will be discussing about the best weight loss exercises that everyone can do at home easily to shrink those waistline and extra fats that are accumulated inside your body.

Best Weight Loss Exercises

You are coming to this article because you want to become healthier, you want to become even more fitter than you presently are. Right?

So fats are not just the one that you can pinch, they are called the subcutaneous fats which means fats present just beneath the skin. But, the real dangerous fats are those which are around the abdomen, fats which are internal present around the organs known as visceral fats.

High amount of visceral fats are dangerous as they put into risk of heart diseases, diabetes. Women can also have the risk of breast cancer with these fats.

So doing properly these very simple and effective best weight loss exercises, you can easily get rid of 2 centimeters of unwanted fats from your waistline in just 2 weeks.

Types of Best Weight Loss Exercise
1. Forearm Plank

Put your fore arms on the ground, elbows aligned below your shoulders and stretch out your toes. Remember not to put your hips too high or too low, put your arms parallel to your body. Squeeze your abs and hold for 30 seconds.

If you find it difficult, you can do a knee plank instead by resting your knees onto the ground and placing your hands too on the ground for 30 seconds.

2. Basic Sit Ups

Lie on the floor first, Bend you knees. Then hold both of your hands on to your chest and do the sit ups. Avoid putting your hands behind the head.

Try to do this for three sets, containing 10 sit ups in each set.

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3. Knee High Crunches

Lie on the floor first. After that bend your knees. Keep your legs in the air and try to touch the knees with your elbows by touching the hands onto the side of your head. Squeeze your stomach when your elbow touch the knees.

Try to do this for 3 sets containing 10 crunches each.

4. Basic Crunch

This is a very easy exercise where you lie on the floor and then bend your knees. Put your hands by the side of your head. Make sure you are lifting your shoulder blades of the floor and in doing so, slowly contract your abs.

Do this exercise for 3 sets each containing 10 crunches.

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5. Sit up and Twist

This is similar to the basic sit ups. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Holding the hands on the side of the face and start the sit ups. In doing so, rotate the body on the alternate sides each time you do the sit ups.

You aim to do it 3 sets containing 10 sit ups each.

6. Dorsal Raises
Best Weight Loss Exercises

After completing all the abdominal exercises, the aim of this one is to work on the lower back muscles. Lay your face down on the floor. Stretch your arms and legs. After that slowly raised your chest, legs and arms off the floor. In doing so, squeeze your lower back and slowly lower all the arms, legs and chest on the floor. You may aim to do it for 3 sets containing 10 rounds each.

What can you expect about yourself?

Again if you do the exercises correctly with a proper diets and nutrition, it is very much certain that you will be extremely happy losing 1 kilogram each and every week removing all those bad visceral fat from the body which will definitely lead to a healthier and fitter life. Thus, by the end of a month you will be 4-5 kilograms lighter. This will be amazing for your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and other health issues.

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