Effective Ways to heal Receding Gums Naturally at Home

Healing receding gums is not an easy thing to reverse, yet with good care it can be achieved at home naturally too. As people get past 30, gums used to loose its holding capacities and lead to recession. It can start as early as in the teens but with great and proper care it can be reversed before it’s too late to go to a dentist.

What are receding gums?
receding gums

Receding of gums also known as gums recession is a condition where the gums and its tissues which holds the teeth get more loosened, pulls back or wears off leading to the more exposure of the teeth or teeth’s root and becomes more porous.

It usually is a common dental problem among the public but if left untreated it can become more serious and may damage the both the teeth and its roots later on. It leaves the bacteria to grow and thrive, interfering with the oral health. When someone noticed differently to the sensitiveness of the teeth and if any of the teeth looks longer than normal, it may be the first sign that you are suffering from receding of gums.

Factors of receding Gums

There are a lots of factors which led to the gum recession like it may be genetic, or lifestyle activities and below are some of the factors you may concern

  • Using of tobacco and its products like smoking
  • Aggressive way of brushing the teeth
  • Genetic
  • Peridontal disease
  • Food habits such as sugary items
  • Neglected dental care etc.
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What are the ways to heal receding Gums naturally?

Healing gums recession depend on the condition of how much the gums are affected. If it is worse, you need to appoint to a dentist for further examination and if the condition is mild, you can take care of it with easily available natural ingredients at home which can stop the recession and regenerate the gums too without the need of going to a dentist preventing from getting worse.

1. Oil Pulling
receding gums

It is one of the most common homemade tips to handle and healing of the receding gums. Here any type of edible oils can be used, but coconut oil is the most preferred one as it has anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties.

All you need to do is to take a tablespoon of coconut oil and rinse or swirl inside the mouth for 5-8 minutes. As the saliva and oil mixes together, the volume will eventually increase. Later on, split it afterwards. This is a very effective way the gum recession and it will help in healing and breaking of plague formation too, thus improving the overall dental hygiene.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda as we all know are used in many food items like cakes, breads and in many dishes too. It has many health benefits too.

For this process, take an equal amount of baking soda like a table spoon and mix with water accordingly. After mixing them properly, brush the teeth with the mixture paste thoroughly and gently covering all the teeths and most importantly the affected part for 1-2 minutes. Now, rinse with water after finish brushing. You can brush like on alternate days as it can lead to healing of the gums and decaying of the teeth.

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3. Turmeric Powder
receding gums

Turmeric which are yellowish in colour are extremely good for the teeth health. They have been used extensively in many herbal toothpaste and also have many other health benefits too.

Take a teaspoon full of Turmeric powder and add a little amount of mustard oil. Now mix them together to make a paste. Apply the paste to the affected gums and teeth, keeping them for about 5 minutes which will naturally and effectively heal your gums because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Do this process thrice a week and keep your gum disease under control.

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