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Hello everyone, when buying any products, it can be challenging in searching the most valuable product with the amount of budget you desire. To make your purchase decision easier, in this article, i pick only the best follow me drones by comparing many products based on some criteria and rank them.

Like features of the products, reputations, value for money and last the very important one, user feedback. If you choose this lists, you can be well assure that you are going to have a very great understanding of the products. Today, we will be looking at a lists of drones that have Follow Me mode.

The term “Follow Me mode” in drones

The Follow Me mode is a smart feature present in drones where the drone will automatically follows you or another selected object and can take pictures and videos of you everywhere you go whether you may be surfing, cycling in the rough terrain, climbing mountains, dancing and many more.

The working principle is based on various techniques which include object detection, following through GPS tracking and visual recognition technology.

Most of the drones use GPS follow techniques where the device will automatically follow you wherever you go by setting up in a desired location, maintaining an unchanged or determined position near the user. While some drones use visual following techniques by recognizing the users through its onboard cameras.

Features one should keep in mind when choosing the desired Follow Me Drones

One must consider some important tips and features in choosing the best follow me drones which are right for themselves.

One must make sure that the drone have the high quality camera otherwise it will be less effective when you capture your moments in motion.

The GPS and visual recognition technology must be of long range so that it can capture all the shots you need from a desired location.

A good flight time is needed so that the drone can cover your moves for a longer period of time.

Besides, speed and size of the drone must also keep in consideration as they will help in matching your action packed motions and comfortable in packing the device and carry in boarding flights, trains, buses or any travelling medium. Below are the list of Best Follow Me drone in 2023.

DronesFeaturesPricing Details
Holy Stone HS720
Flight Range : 1km

Flight Time : 25min

Camera : 4k

Weight : 460g

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DJI Mavic Air 2
Flight Range : 10km

Flight Time : 34 min

Camera : 4K 60P

Weight : 570gm

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DJI Mavic 3
Flight Range : 15 km

Flight Time : 46 min

Camera : 5K

Weight : 895gm

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DJI Spark
Flight Range : 2km

Flight Time : 16 min

Camera : 4K

Weight : 300gm

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DJI Mini 3 Pro
Flight Range : 12km

Flight Time : 34min

Camera : 4K

Weight : 249g

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DJI Air 2S
Flight Range : 12km

Flight Time : 31min

Camera : 5.4K

Weight : 595g
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1. Holy Stone HS720E
Best Follow Me Drone

The number one on the list is the Holy Stone HS720E GPS drone. Its most impressive feature is its ability to follow you for over 25 minutes because of the battery and brushless motors which will work wonders for you.

The optimized Full HD camera built with shock absorption holder ensures shooting 3840*2160 pixels of high resolution images and videos with vibration of camera. 5GHZ FPV transmission and 90 degree adjustable lens enables you to see the world from different angle.

The wi-fi frequency of the drone is 5G. So kindly make sure if your phone is 5G enabled or compatible with it otherwise, something wrong may happen in using the app.

4K camera with shock absorption, a 90 degrees rotation adjustable lens and 5G fluid FPV transmission will let you experience the world right before your eyes. The military grade intelligent battery is safe and durable. Dual battery charger is also included.

Brushless motor with aviation propeller for high aerodynamic efficiency which is most quiet and longest than brushed motor. Controlling the drone and enjoying the beauty of any landscape wherever you go will be quite awesome.

2. DJI Mavic Air 2

Best Follow Me Drone

Number two on the list is DJI Mavic Air 2.

The DJI Mavic Air 2 camera drone takes power and portability to the next level. It combines a powerful camera with intelligent shooting modes for great and stunning results.

Push your imagination to its limits because aerial photography has never been this easy. 34 minutes of impressive flight time allows you to pull off epic fast paced shots. Obstacle sensing in three directions makes it extra convenient for begineers and improves safety.

It features intuitive shooting functions that make aerial photography easier than ever. Spotlight 2.0 keeps the camera locked on a subject while you fly freely. Active track 3.0 keeps subject centered while POI 3.0 tracks moving objects like people, animals or vehicles.

The navigation system is top notch and provide precise results while the battery life and flight range ensure that you can get great footage without worrying about running out of power.

Its large 48 MP camera can shoot a hyperlapse in 8K which can take every photoshoot a maasterpiece. It also has 4K 60p video and even can slow mo the videos too. The HDR video makes you even more interesting.

3. DJI Mavic 3

The DJI Mavic 3 has been dubbed as the world’s most small, efficient and smart drone until now. The device is lightweight and portable making it ideal for even experienced pilots who want to have some fun with their drones.

The Follow Me mode means that the drone will always follow you. When you want to film yourself or need help setting up a shot and don’t want taking risk losing the flight path by making complicated maneuvers, this is extremely useful.

This drone is extremely friendly with frequent travellers because it fits inside a small bag with its propellers removed. So, taking it on an airplane is not a problem.

Drone cameras assists the drone and obstacle avoidance allowing you to fly this device in more difficult terrain than before. This model has also ultra compact antennas built into the device’s top so, there will be no interference from protruding antennas that create drag when in flight.

The Battery has a capacity of 5000 milliampere hours which allows for 45 minutes of flight time. This is a reasonable amount for a device of this size, but if you want to fully utilize the drone capabilities you need two batteries as on will not suffice if you are filming or photographing.

4. DJI Spark

Best Follow Me Drone

DJI Spark has a reputation of producing high quality devices with all of the latest features at a reasonable price. The drone is very light in weight with only 300 grams, so it won’t be difficult to pack in a bag and carrying in your travel destination will be super easy.

If the signal is lost or you lose control, the drone is equipped with GPS and can return to the take off point on its own. It has also forward vision sensors which allow it to detect obstacles in front of it and come to halt before colliding with them.

The drone’s maximum distance from the ground is limited to two kilometers which is a reasonable size without jeapardizing the device portability. According to the manufacturer, the drone’s maximum flight speed is 31 miles per hour which is extremely fast considering its weight.

It also has a variety of preset flight speeds for flying at a low or high altitudes. It has a 1480 milliamp hours lithium polymer battery that takes about 100 minutes to fully charged. If you require more power, The DJI Spark offers an upgrade that allows you to fly 16 minutes per charge.

5. DJI Mini 3 Pro
Best Follow Me Drone

This drone is very compact and light weight in design and there are a lots of features packed inside this mini drone.

First of all there is covering of the head of the drone that covers the camera which you can actually remove. The camera has a 48 MP which can move horizontally and vertically so as to take the perfect shots and videos according to the different angles it like to capture. Above the camera, there are two sensors for the forward obstacle avoidance, so if there are any objects in the front or 45 degree sideways nearby the drone, it will sense them and avoid crashing. So when the drone flips upside down the sensors will act accordingly to the positioning of the drone and sense from behind the back too.

On the battery compartment, it has USB-C and micro SD card slot for transferring files, charging the battery and for storing files. It has a 34 minutes of battery lifetime.

One of the most exciting features is the presence of screen on the controllers. So there is no need of connecting to a phone and draining out the battery of the system and it seems incredible. You can see HD live on the screen upto 12 Kilometres.

6. DJI Air 2S
Best Follow Me Drone

The sensor will give you better quality footage and works quiet well in the low light situations. The newest technolgy is associated with this sensor as it can shoot 5.4K resolutions for video footage. The original Air 2 sensor use 12 MP sensors while this drone uses CMOS 20 MP sensors and that is quiet an upgrade. So you will be very happy with the footage it gives in different situations and timings during morning, noon, evening as well as darker situations too which makes this drone more advantageous. Besides that obstacle avoidance sensors are present too which will definitely help prevent from crashing as it will detect objects on their way.

One of the main advantage of this drone is the size which is exactly the same as original Air 2 weighing just 595 grams. This make it easier to carry when you travel or packed inside your bag comparing to other drones. You can even use the battery of the Air 2 with this version.

Here, lots of frame rates are available for the 5.4K, 4K, 2.7K and 1080P resolutions and you can choose a wide variety of range from these options for your footage.

The Air 2S has lots of great zoom options available, although it is not available in 5.4K mode, it is present in the 4K mode with 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X features.

The Mater Shot feature can automatically edit video footage for the user by choosing a desired location which is set by the user. Then the drone will sense a series of shots that it thinks the best for a particular location or a situation where a few moments later it will take the shots, edit them and deliver to the user. So there is no need to worry for editing for that specific moment. Besides that there is also the active tracks available where it is the most advanced version DJI has put on its various other drones.

With the upgraded version this drone has four antennas as there are only two antennas present in the original Air 2. This means there is no likely that the drone will lost communication with the controller. Also it has a maximum transmission range of 12 km between the controller and the drone.

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